Our Vision

ple-089 (Medium)The House of Retreat is a place where people from all walks of life come to seek God and to search for the spiritual in their lives. They come to a place many have called a ‘thin place between heaven and earth’. Welcomed into a safe environment, visitors are enabled to explore their relationship with God and deepen their prayer. Building on the tradition of Evelyn Underhill in her assertion that retreatants should be warm, comfortable and well fed.

The Diocesan House of Retreat at Pleshey continues the vision of those who established this House of Prayer in 1909 as a place of peace and stillness where we can come into the presence of God and rediscover the power of his love. The simple and beautiful Chapel provides a focus for individuals and groups to be still. It is a sacred space, both part of the world and away from the pressures of the world, that is suffused with the light of Christ.

As guardians of this spiritual treasure we wish to ensure its future within the Diocese of Chelmsford and the wider community. We visualize this resource both building on the past and taking a leading role in helping individuals and groups to develop ‘fresh Expressions’ of faith for the 21st Century.