What is a Retreat?

The Chapel at PlesheyA retreat can be many things. What do you need right now? A retreat can be just that. It is, perhaps, essentially about time, space and silence.

In our busy and sometimes frantic lives, there may be a great need for time. Time to leave behind all those problems and cares with which our friends, family, the world and even we ourselves can overload us.

Maybe the need is for space. Many of us are surrounded by people and activity and yet somehow we feel isolated, out of step, or even alone. To come away to a space where we may purposefully be alone, we will sometimes find true community and sense our at-oneness with nature, with humanity and with God.

Our lives are filled with constant noise. Small talk, radio, television, background music and the like ensure that our ears and, perhaps, our souls, never get a moment’s rest. Although the idea of periods of silence can be daunting if not completely off-putting, many who have tried it for the first time have found it healing, liberating and deeply satisfying. Some have even heard something in the silence which has changed their lives forever.

At the Retreat House in Pleshey our retreats take many different forms, and the periods of silence and level of input varies considerably. An idea of what you would like along with the description found in our programme will help you choose what is right for you. And of course, we are always very happy to talk to you about this and possibly help you decide.

But maybe you wish just to get away on your own. We try always to accommodate individuals on private retreat, and there is usually someone available to talk with, to pray with or just sit alongside you.

Just as a good night’s sleep will not change things, but will help us face a new day with renewed strength, courage and determination, so a retreat will not change your life or solve all your problems. But it could be just what you need to find that strength, that new direction, or that renewed sense of purpose.

Think about it. Pray about it. Talk to us about it. But above all, try it. It could be exactly the thing that God is urging you to do.