Phase 1C – The Orangery

20th July 2014After much thought and discussion as to requirements and layout for this next phase, the builders finally ‘moved in’ on the 19th May 2014. It didn’t take them long to make a difference!

15th May 2014                                                     31st May 2014

Orangery 1  Orangery 3

12th June 2014                                                   17th July 2014

Orangery 4  Orangery 5

6th August 2014 – The work progressed nicely. As often happens it ran a little behind schedule but we could see what things were going to look like in due course.

                     A waterproof site                                                Safe Undercover

Waterproofing 2  Under cover 2

                              The All Access toilet                   A Buttery without a roof

All Access Toilet 2  Roofless Buttery 2

26th September 2014 – …and so the work continued seeing some significant change, although it still seemed a long way off being completed! Target date was still mid November – 2014!

Underfloor Heating       New ‘all access’ toilet

IMG_7835 2  IMG_7832 2

The Orangery Roof                             A different angle!

IMG_7839 2  IMG_7836 2

11th January 2015 – The Orangery was completed in December and furnished over the Christmas break.

Final 1  Final 2 Final 3  Final 6