Welcome to The House of Retreat

ple-089 (Medium)The House of Retreat is situated at the edge of a small, moated village in the heart of the Essex countryside and is a place of prayer, space and quiet reflection.

We offer a varied programme of Retreats and Quiet Days, many of which are suitable for people who have never been on a retreat or quiet day before.

Walk softly in the ways of God
Listen gently to the voice of God
Sit quietly in the love of God
Pray humbly to the heart of God
Act boldly in the strength of God
Go forth in His name

We are seeking Day Chaplains, to offer pastoral ministry, Monday to Friday 9am-12noon.

Day Chaplains will be people who bring to the House pastoral skills which equip them to minister to people who may need a listening ear or who may need someone to pray with or for them. We are looking for people of faith who are kind, good listeners, non-judgemental and with a sense of humour.

They will conduct the House’s pattern of prayer and are invited to lead Morning Prayer at 9am. Top priority is always given, however, to being available for pastoral ministry during their period of duty.

Day Chaplains will offer a maximum of a whole morning every week, but more likely simply once or twice a month or even as little as two, three or four separate shifts in any one term. 

Day Chaplains are appointed after an initial interview with the Chaplain. They are given induction training, health and safety and other training available to all House staff and volunteers. Day Chaplains are requested to attend a meeting every year at the House when issues arising from the work are discussed and ongoing training and support are available.

Expenses are unable to be met but Breakfast and Lunch is provided.

For further information please contact the Chaplain:
Revd Graham Dowling
Tel : 0208 507 7487
Email : revgpd@btinternet.com

Chelmsford Diocesan House of Retreat, The Street, Pleshey, Chelmsford, Essex. CM3 1HA
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